Visa Infinite Card

visa infinite card

The Visa Infinite Card is Visa's answer to the American Express centurion card. Visa’s black card falls into the same category as the Amex Centurion and the MasterCard World Card. As a holder of a Visa Infinite card, you are entitled to exclusive credit card services provided by Visa.

For details about the Visa Infinite Card and the benefits that it offers, please read the information below…

Visa Infinite Card Overview

The elegance and distinction symbolized by the Visa Infinite card speak for themselves and immediately identify you as someone who always demands the very best. With Visa Infinite, you enjoy maximum purchasing power, unparalleled benefits and exclusive services.Visa Infinite is one of the most sophisticated credit cards in the world, specially designed with the most exclusive services available in the market, to meet the requirements of a select group of upscale consumers, provides unparalleled services and benefits, allows cardholders to fully enjoy their activities and travel with total freedom, confidence and peace of mind.

visa infinite card


The card offers a comprehensive package of travel and purchasing services in the industry. Services such as Visa Rewards, the most flexible and comprehensive rewards program in the market; the Personal Concierge, providing a specialized representative to assist you with your travel and business needs; and access to exclusive travel offers to the most prestigious tourist destinations around the world, are some of the exceptional, unrivaled benefits Visa Infinite offers.

The Visa Infinite card is simply the best choice for all your purchases in the physical world and on the Internet.

Core Benefits of a Visa Infinite Card

Immediate recognition: When you present your Visa Infinite card, you are instantly recognized as a preferred customer anywhere in the world.

Universal acceptance: Merchants accepting the card cover practically all industries, from the most exclusive luxury hotels and popular airlines, to the best shopping malls, award-winning restaurants, and even gas stations.

Increased security: Using the Visa Infinite card provides increased security and maximum convenience, eliminating the risks and delays associated with checks and cash.

Emergency Card Replacement: If your card is lost or stolen, all you need to do is call the Visa Global Assistance Center to have your card replaced within 24 to 48 hours practically anywhere in the world.

Emergency Cash: In an emergency situation, you can request a cash advance up to the spending limit available in your account.

Financing options: As a cardholder, you can access your credit line to finance your purchases in different ways.

Travel Accident Insurance: International Visa Infinite cardholders, their spouses and dependant children under 23 years of age, will be automatically covered worldwide against accidental bodily injuries up to US$1,000,000, which are the sole cause of loss of life or dismemberment while traveling, boarding or descending from an aircraft operated by a scheduled airline registered with the OAG (Official Airline Guide) on a regularly scheduled flight, or a maritime or land conveyance operated by a licensed common carrier duly authorized to transport passengers, provided the full travel fare has been paid with the cardholder’s valid VISA Infinite card.

Auto Rental Insurance *: Provides full coverage for damage due to collision or theft of the vehicle worldwide when you use your Visa Infinite card to pay for the full amount of the rental while traveling outside your country of residence. The insurance covers the repair or replacement cost of the vehicle.

Infinite Gateway Assistance Center: Provides telephone access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any assistance you may need.

Emergency Medical Insurance *: Provides coverage of up to US$25,000 per person to protect you and each member of your family in case of injury or disease while traveling. This insurance includes transfers, the cost to return home, and any cost you incur due to trip interruption, a family member’s visit and care during convalescence.

Personal Concierge: This versatile service provides personalized attention and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in case of an emergency anywhere in the world. It will also provide ample information on the way of life and customs of different countries, typical gifts, tourist attractions, entertainment, and the best places to dine and enjoy nightlife. The Personal Concierge can also provide assistance in an emergency situation; coordinate itineraries and tours; reserve and confirm flights; reserve lodging and auto rentals, luncheon and dinner reservations, tickets for sports, art and cultural events; locate, purchase and send gifts, and assist with arrangements for your meeting or banquet.

Visa Infinite Rewards*: This reward program lets you earn additional free miles and redeem the points for travel tickets practically in any airline in the world, even if you do not participate in the frequent flyer program of that carrier. You can also redeem points for free lodging at prestigious luxury hotels and auto rental companies in most countries.

Exclusive travel offers: Fabulous travel and tour packages will take you to the most exotic destinations. You will also receive special discounts and free courtesy services in world class luxury hotels and tour operators such as Stanley Wing Safaris, the Orient Express and Silversea Cruises.

Business Services: To meet the needs of business travelers, these special services for business executives include information and referrals for conference and meeting rooms, interpreter and translation services, emergency message service, delivery of valuable documents, equipment rentals, information about etiquette and protocol, and referrals for support and legal services.

Optional Benefits and Insurance

Additional Travel Accident Insurance ***: Provides coverage of up to US$500,000 for you, your spouse and dependent children under 23 years of age when you use your Visa card to pay for the full amount of the tickets.

Insured Journey Accidental Death and Dismemberment ***: Provides full coverage of up to US$500,000 for you, your spouse and dependent children under 23 years old, when the ticket is paid in full with the Visa card.

Lost Baggage Insurance ***: Provides coverage of up to US$1,500 if your baggage is lost, stolen, or sent to the wrong destination.

Extended Warranty ***: This insurance extends the free repair period offered by the original manufacturer’s written warranty for up to 1 additional year for products that are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 years or less.

Hospital Cash ***: As a Visa cardholder, you may receive a daily benefit of up to US$250 when you are an inpatient in a hospital due to an injury or disease that occurs during an insured trip outside your country of residence.

Legal Emergency Insurance***: This insurance provides up to US$1,000 for legal expenses you incur as a result of an arrest or detention due to an error of a foreign government or authority.

Trip Cancellation Insurance***: Provides up to US$2,500 for traveling and lodging expenses paid in advance with your Visa card for which you are legally responsible, and which cannot be recovered by any other means.

Trip Delay Insurance***: This insurance provides up to US$100 for reasonable expenses if the covered trip is delayed for over 6 hours due to an expected risk.

Tuition Insurance***: Covers tuition costs that might have been previously covered in part by parents or guardians.

Priority Pass**: Gives you access to special VIP waiting areas at over 300 international airports in 70 countries.

Each Issuer Bank is free to offer other Benefits, which are additional to the Core Benefits of the Visa Infinite card.

* Subject to certain limitations and conditions described in the policy. Please contact your Issuer Bank for details.

** Requires a telecode. If you do not have a telecode, contact your Issuer Bank so one can be issued.

*** Visa International, through its Issuer Banks, offers certain Optional Benefits and Insurance Programs. Please contact your Issuer Bank for information on the specific Optional Benefits and Insurance Programs offered by your card Issuer.

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