VIP Banking Services

If you are a high-net-worth individual, and you are looking for the most exclusive banking services available, Starting Business can help you. We offer a wide range of VIP banking services that are available only to those who are wealthy enough to use them. Our VIP services are designed to allow you to take full advantage of your wealth, and will connect you to services that are designed for people like yourself.

Select from our VIP banking Services

We offer the following range of services to our select clients. We will not only act as an introducer for you, but will also help you with the complete application procedure.

Investment Accounts

Learn about the investment account solutions we provide, that suit the financial needs and priorities of any demanding investor.

Swiss Bank Accounts

Enjoy the high level of political and financial stability and open a Swiss account.

Private Banking

Acquire private banking services within the jurisdiction of your choice.

Visa Infinite Card

Want to be the holder of a black card, but prefer not to get an American Express card, then the Visa Infinite is for you.

World Elite MasterCard

Acquire the most prestigious premium card of MasterCard, the World Elite MasterCard.