Open Corporate Account

For the initial assessment we need to be in the possession of the following:

A legalized set of company documents consisting of:

– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– Documents confirming the appointment of company directors and secretary (if any)
– A document confirming the location of the registered office
– Share Certificate(s)
– Certificate of Good Standing if the company is more than 12 months old

Due diligence information requested for each director, beneficial owner ,share holder and signatory

Each Applicant must provide the following documents:
– certified or notarised copy of Applicant’s/signatory’s passport;
– original proof of address;*
– banker’s reference;**

*Proof of address is any recent document (not older then three month from the date of the application), where the name and residential address of the person is indicated. It can be a recent utility bill, telephone bill(mobile phone bills are not accepted), credit card or bank statement or other similar document.

** You can obtain an original Bank Reference from your bank and send it to us or ask your bank to send it to us directly. For a sample of a good Bank Reference Letter, please Click Here

*We will not be able to complete your order before we are in receipt of the above documents.