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After receiving your application, we will require due diligence information for each signatory

Each applicant must provide the following documents:

– certified or notarised passport copy;
– valid proof of residence/address;*
– banker’s reference;**

*A valid proof of address can be a recent document that is not more than 3 months old (from the date of your application). On this document your name and residential address should be clearly indicated. This document can be a telephone or utility bill, bank statement or another document of similar nature – mobile phone bills are not accepted however.

** The banker’s reference letter can be sent directly to us from your bank, or you can obtain the document yourself and sent it to us. See a Sample Bank Reference Letter.

All of the above listed documents will have to be sent to us by e-mail to:

*We will not be able to complete your order before we are in receipt of the above documents.