St. Lucia Offshore Bank Account

st. lucia offshore banking

Starting Business can assist you every step of the way in setting up a St. Lucia bank account. The information provided below details the St. Lucia banking system, and the opening of a St. Lucia offshore bank account. You will find details on the governing body, as well as a list of local and international banks that operate in St. Lucia.

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The St. Lucia Banking System

The Financial Intelligence Authority Act No. 17 of 2002 authorizes the establishment of a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) for St. Lucia, which became operational in October 2003. The FIU is able to compel the production of information necessary to investigate possible offenses under the 1993 Proceeds of Crime Act and the Money Laundering Prevention Act. Failure to provide information to the FIU is a crime, punishable by a fine or up to ten years imprisonment. The Financial Intelligence Authority Act permits the sharing of information obtained by the FIU with foreign FIUs. The Caribbean Anti-Money Laundering Program (CALP) has trained St. Lucia’s FIU personnel. In September 2003, legislation was adopted merging the St. Lucia Financial Authority with the FIU.

Financial Institutions Operating

Some of the banks operating in St. Lucia:

  • Scotia Bank
  • First Caribbean International Bank (formerly Barclays Bank Plc)
  • RBTT Bank Caribbean Ltd
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Bank of St. Lucia

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