Montserrat Offshore Bank Account

montserrat bank account

The information below provides details about the Montserrat banking system, and details on opening a Montserrat offshore bank account. You will find details on the laws and regulations that govern the banking system, as well as a list of local and international banks that operate in Montserrat.

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The Montserrat Banking System

Montserrat has the smallest financial sector of the six UK Overseas Territories and, except for banking services, it has the least offshore activity of any of these territories. Whilst the volume of financial services activity has fallen significantly since the volcanic eruption, there are 11 licensed offshore banks, down from 15 in 2000. Two banks are licensed to operate in the domestic market, providing domestic and International Banking services. These banks are The Royal Bank of Canada and an indigenous bank, The Bank of Montserrat.

About Montserrat Offshore banking

The legislation relating to offshore banking in Montserrat is the Offshore Banking Act (OB Act) and the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001 (FSC Act). The OB Act sets out a regime for the licensing of offshore banks, and also addresses other issues including:

  • capital and reserves; restriction on business; returns and accounts; examination and audit;
  • receivership, liquidation, and reorganization; and other general and administrative matters.

The FSC Act establishes the FSC and sets forth its functions and powers; establishes the position of Commissioner and the Commission’s directors; gives rules related to the membership of directors; addresses the Commission’s operations, governance, sources of funding, confidentiality, and power to make regulations; and provides for other general and administrative matters.

The Governor has constitutional responsibility for the offshore banks and, in his capacity as Governor-in-Council, has the power to issue regulations under the Offshore Banking Ordinance. The FSC is responsible for supervision but does not have the adequate capacity to conduct comprehensive supervision of offshore banks, particularly with respect to routine onsite examinations. A MOU was signed in September 2002 by the FSC and the ECCB in an effort to alleviate this constraint. The FSC also recently signed supervisory MOUs with four “home” regulators from Central and South America. Although several prudential visits have been made to the overseas offices of all the offshore banks, none has been subject to onsite inspections and steps to strengthen offsite supervision have only recently been initiated.

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