Personal Bank Account

personal bank account

A personal bank account designated for individuals to help diversify their own funds. It can be used for non-business purposes, offering lower fees and minimum balance requirements. The main types of offshore personal accounts offered by our available banks are: Savings accounts, Checking accounts, and Deposit Accounts.

Personal Account Opening with Starting Business

Starting Business can help you to locate a jurisdiction which offers you the best conditions to match your banking requirements. Depending on the banking services you require, we can assist you in opening an offshore personal bank account that serves your personal or investment goals.

We have developed contacts with over 50 reliable banking institutions around the world and can offer our full support with the entire opening procedure of your offshore personal account.

Documentation required for each signatory to set up a personal account

  • certified or notarized copy of Applicant’s/signatory’s passport;
  • original proof of address. Proof of address is any recent document (dated within the last 3 months), where the name and residential address of the person is indicated. It can be a recent utility bill, telephone bill (mobile phone bills are not accepted), credit card or bank statement or other similar document.
  • banker’s reference. You can obtain an original Bank Reference from your bank and send it to us or ask your bank to send it to us directly. For a sample of a Bank Reference Letter, please Click Here

If you require any further details regarding our bank account opening services, Contact Us.