How can I access my offshore funds

When placing funds in an offshore location it is imperative to be fully aware of how you can access those funds. One of the most common ways of accessing your funds is through the use of an offshore credit or debit card, although there are also other methods that will enable you to conveniently access your wealth.

Accessing my offshore funds

An offshore bank account is an account that is established in an overseas jurisdiction. Typically speaking, it offers enhanced privacy, confidentiality and a thriving banking environment. In addition, funds placed offshore are free from home government interference and excessive tax rates.

When setting up an offshore bank account it is important to be aware of how you can access your funds in order to ensure that you will be able to access them quickly and easily, as and when required.

With the availability of an offshore card, it is possible to access your offshore funds easily and efficiently. Most accounts enable clients to access their funds from any location across the globe, provided you have access to a cash point or bank branch. An offshore debit or credit card will also enable you to pay merchants at a number of locations worldwide.

Further to the above, you can make payments or conduct transfers via online banking. Online banking also enables you to deposit money into your account from overseas, by making an electronic SWIFT payment or international money order.

Many offshore banks issue a credit or debit card in a corporate name or through a numbered account, if desired. Being issued the card in this manner is advantageous as it enhances financial privacy and is favorable if you do not wish for your offshore account to have any links with your onshore financial identity.