Liechtenstein Offshore Account

liechtenstein offshore account

The Principality of Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria in Central Europe. Is has a small area and a population of just 35,000. It features a prosperous economy that is highly industrialized, and due to the extremely low business taxes, many businesses choose to establish themselves in Liechtenstein and set up a corporate bank account there.

Why Open a Liechtenstein Offshore Account?

The Liechtenstein offshore banking system offers a prosperous environment for the formation of a bank account. Offshore Liechtenstein banking enables companies from across the globe to open an account, safe in the knowledge that their funds have been placed in a reliable and secure jurisdiction with a strong economy. Liechtenstein is also characterized by its high social and political stability.

Liechtenstein features the second highest GDP rate per person in the world, and the world’s lowest external debt. In addition, it has the second lowest unemployment rates in the world, and is an attractive destination for offshore bank account formation. Due to its proximity with Switzerland, Liechtenstein has very close ties with this jurisdiction and uses the Swiss Franc as its main form of currency.

Liechtenstein’s banking industry is well regulated with stringent laws and measures that are controlled under EU legislation. In recent years, Liechtenstein’s financial industry has worked hard to ensure that the country is regarded as a legitimate financial centre that does its utmost to eliminate international money launderers. Liechtenstein’s banking industry is regulated under the Law of Banks and Finance Companies of 1992.

Banking in Liechtenstein offers a broad range of benefits to the account holder. Whether you are opening a personal, corporate or investment account, the bank account will be subjected to exceptional levels of privacy and confidentiality, meaning that any information relating to the account will not and cannot be disclosed to members of the public. In addition, the high confidentiality measures also mean that your assets will have the highest levels of safety and security at all times. You can also take advantage of a complete range of banking services, full internet banking facilities and the ability to transfer funds.

In order to open an offshore Liechtenstein bank account, an account set up fee and a minimum management fee is usually required. Due to the high levels of safety offered, the numerous tax benefits and the guaranteed protection of information, Liechtenstein’s banking services industry is attractive to investors. Private banking encompasses a significant proportion of banking activity within Liechtenstein, due to the enhanced protection of bank client secrecy.

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