Is online banking safe

Online banking is very common and most large financial institutions now offer both a physical and online presence. Many banks are only available in an online setting, so with the general increase in internet banking usage, concerns have been raised with regards to the safety of online banking.

Online banking explained

Online banking is a major financial activity that is offered by many banks all over the world and carried out by countless customers on an international scale. It has increased in popularity over the years as it is regarded as far easier, quicker and more accessible than traditional banking. Today, many banks are only available in an online environment to support the vast volumes of people who wish to bank exclusively in an online environment. However as online banking increases in usage, many concerns have been voiced with regards to the safety of online banking.

When carrying out online banking it is necessary to input your personal information on the internet, including a password. In addition, all of your personal, financial and account details will be provided to you exclusively online. Sophisticated software means that fraudsters are able to access such information with relative ease, which has raised a number of concerns amongst bank owners. Whenever fraudulent activity occurs it is the responsibility – and burden, of the customer to freeze their account and resolve the situation with their bank. This can become a huge inconvenience and retrieving stolen funds can be extremely complex and time-consuming.

However increasing usage in internet banking has resulted in more advanced technological innovations, as banks are now more aware of the implications of online banking fraud

than ever. When starting up online banking it is important to be set up with a reputable bank that employs stringent and maximum security measures. It is recommended to find a bank that has a solid reputation for outstanding consumer safety and employs thorough log-in and money transfer measures.

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