Gibraltar Offshore Account

The Gibraltar banking sector is well established with regards to both the offshore and local market. Opening a Gibraltar offshore bank account means that you are opening a bank account in one of the most well regulated jurisdictions that features a highly favorable taxation regime.

Open a Gibraltar Offshore Account

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory and although Gibraltar governs its own affairs, it is largely influenced by British law and some of its powers, such as foreign relations, are the responsibility of the UK government. The Gibraltar banking industry is operated and governed by the Commissioner of Banking under the Banking Ordinance Act 1992. The Bank of England also has responsibility over much of the banking activity that takes place within Gibraltar.

Although Gibraltar is a constituent part of the European Union, it is excluded from many taxes, such as the Common External Tariff, the Common Agricultural Policy and the requirement to charge Value Added Tax, provided that the financial institution in question can provide services throughout the EU and EEA, without the need to seek separate licenses or authorization.

When opening a Gibraltar offshore account it is possible to open a personal, corporate or investment bank account. However the Gibraltar offshore account that is opened will depend upon your personal and financial needs, and also upon whether or not you meet the criteria of the Gibraltar bank.

Opening a Gibraltar offshore bank account offers the opportunity to take advantage of flexible savings and investments opportunities. It is also possible to manage your finances in an online manner, and many Gibraltar offshore accounts provide the opportunity to bank over-the-phone. It is very easy to open a Gibraltar offshore account and it is not necessary to personally visit Gibraltar to open the account. A Gibraltar bank is regarded as a prestigious account to have and reflects positively on businesses.

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