Belize Offshore Account

Belize is a leading offshore banking jurisdiction that is chosen by many people for offshore banking services. Located in the Caribbean region, Belize is a well regulated jurisdiction that offers favorable solutions for anyone who chooses to open up a Belize offshore account.


Open a Belize Offshore Account

Belize is a popular travel destination and many people visit this country every year. This has increased interest in this region as an offshore banking jurisdiction, based upon the favorable banking facilities available. Belize relies on international commerce and tourism to maintain economic stability, and has strong international ties with the United States, Mexico, the European Union and Central America. Many people regard Belize as a reliable offshore banking jurisdiction that offers a number of benefits to the account holder.

The Belize banking system is regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Belize. Their mission is to encourage the development and stability of Belize’s financial system. Belize’s banking structure is based on the English banking system, which is what attracts many people to this location, as this banking system is very familiar internationally. Offshore banking in Belize also offers the opportunity to open an account in a reduced taxation location, meaning that account holders will be able to benefit from the great tax advantages on offer.

A Belize offshore account can either be a personal, corporate or investment account. In order to open any one of these accounts it is important to meet the specific criteria implemented by the Central Bank of Belize.

Belize offshore account holders have high levels of confidentiality and banking security, meaning that their account details cannot be accessed by any external authorities. Furthermore, a Belize offshore account holder has access to modern international banking services. For example they can access their account from anywhere in the world and have the opportunity to withdraw money from an ATM machine, access online banking services, transfer funds, check their balance, make payments and contact their Belize bank via telephone or email. Having a Belize offshore account means easy access to ones account in an online or offline setting.

Setting up a Belize offshore bank account is a relatively straightforward procedure that is further facilitated by the fact that you are not required to travel to this location in order to open the account. With the help of a professional consultancy firm, the process can be further facilitated.

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