Seychelles Offshore Account

The Seychelles is a highly popular choice for offshore bank account opening and it attracts investors from across all continents. The Seychelles offer a highly sophisticated and well developed banking system, which is demonstrated by the steady growth of its international investors.

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Why Open a Seychelles Offshore Account?

The Seychelles has improved its banking system greatly over the past 4 decades and has evolved into a reputable and reliable jurisdiction for offshore bank account formation. With a highly advanced banking system, the Seychelles offers a competitive environment for offshore investors who wish to set up a Seychelles offshore account.

All Seychelles offshore banks are regulated by the Central Bank of Seychelles, which is fully responsible for the regulation of all financial activity within the Seychelles. With zero percent taxation offered to all investors, the Seychelles has proven to be a popular jurisdiction amongst many investors.

The Seychelles banking system offers a wide range of account types to investors, including current, fixed deposit, call deposit, saving schemes and loan accounts. There are three types of bank accounts that can be opened in the Seychelles: personal, investment or corporate accounts. All of the above offer a range of benefits to account holders, including ease of accessibility, as well as sophisticated banking services that allow individuals and companies the ability to access their accounts through the internet banking as well as through a bank card at an ATM.

Opening a Seychelles offshore account is the preferred choice amongst many investors for a number of reasons. For example, account holders are able to select from multiple currencies and there are a range of credit card options. In addition, the recently implemented confidentiality laws in the Seychelles provide high levels of privacy and security, enabling high profile investors to conduct their banking activity in a highly confidential manner.

In order to open a bank account in the Seychelles, the relevant bank account application forms will need to be completed and certain documentation must be provided. After this stage, the rest of the procedure is relatively straightforward. Personal presence is not required by the Seychelles banking regulators, thus enabling investors to open offshore accounts without having to travel to this location. Nevertheless, some banks may require a third party to ensure the validity of details provided. To ensure that every step is complete in line with the banking regulations in the Seychelles, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a consultancy firm.