Dubai Offshore Account

The Dubai banking and financial center is ideal for investors who are looking to open an offshore bank account in a highly regulated and well established location. Dubai is considered as one of the favorable choices by many international investors, as it is a wealthy nation that offers advantageous offshore banking facilities.

Why Open a Dubai Offshore Account?

Dubai offers one of the most favorable locations in the Middle East for international operations. Dubai has a wealthy infrastructure and a strong international presence and therefore choosing Dubai for the formation of your offshore bank account is an excellent choice. Dubai has become globally recognized for its prominent business activity and generates its main revenues from tourism, real estate and financial centers. Dubai strongly supports free trade and international relations and therefore opening a bank account in this location is considered an easy and straightforward procedure.

Dubai has a positive reputation for offshore account formation and banking. Dubai’s financial industry attracts a great deal of international investors, as Dubai offers exemption from taxes for international investors. Dubai has a large number of banks and brokerages and many people from across the globe choose Dubai as their location of choice for opening an offshore bank account.

Dubai’s banking industry is regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE and has very stringent laws in place for bank account formation and administration. Dubai offers extremely flexible financial and banking services, and is well known for providing Dubai offshore bankers with secure, stable and reliable offshore banking services.

When opening a Dubai offshore account you will be able to select from either a personal, corporate or investment bank account. However in order to open any one of these bank accounts, you must first meet with the desired conditions as outlined by the Central bank of the UAE. Once you have met with these prerequisites, the process of obtaining a Dubai offshore account is relatively straightforward. In addition, most Dubai banks do not require personal presence in order to open the account.

Dubai offers the ideal economic and political environment for the opening of a bank account. Dubai is also preferred amongst many offshore investors for its prime location, as it is situated between many major continents and is thus easily accessible for people from all over the world.

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