Cayman Islands Offshore Account

The Cayman Islands is one of the largest and most fluid banking centers internationally and is a very popular location for offshore bank account opening. Opening a Cayman Islands offshore account will mean that you will be carrying out banking activity with one of the most advanced and competitive banking systems in the world.


Open a Cayman Islands offshore account

The Cayman Islands is an excellent choice for an offshore bank account for a number of reasons. The Cayman Islands offers a very advanced banking system and has been operational as an offshore jurisdiction for a significant period of time. The Cayman Islands emphasizes an importance on international, cross-border financial activity, with a significant portion of its revenue coming from international banking. In addition, the Cayman Islands offers an extremely stabilized jurisdiction for offshore banking, with a strong economy that provides the opportunity to appropriately manage ones finances.

The Cayman Islands is seen as a common choice amongst many investors internationally. A Cayman Islands offshore account will enable an individual or company to open a personal, corporate or investment account. Provided you are able to meet with the specifications imposed by your chosen bank for the formation of your selected account, you will be able to open an account in a jurisdiction that features a banking system which is highly regarded on an international scale.

All financial institutions are regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Their mission is to supervise all financial activity conducted within the Cayman Islands and to monitor all compliance activity with regards to money laundering regulations. An important part of their role is to minimize (and ultimately eliminate) illegal financial activity to the greatest degree.

Further to the above, opening an offshore Cayman Islands account will provide you with utmost privacy in a safe, secure and well regulated environment, for all levels of offshore investors. The Cayman Islands offers one of the most competitive international banking environments, which is what attracts many investors to this location.

Opening a Cayman Islands offshore account is considered to be a relatively straightforward procedure that does not require personal presence in order to be completed. However it is recommended to seek the advice and guidance of a professional consultancy firm to ensure the entire procedure is correctly administered.

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