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Open an Offshore Account

An international bank account is an account opened in a jurisdiction that is outside of the country of residence of the account holder. They are opened for financial and legal reasons, where the benefits of opening an offshore account are appealing to consumers and companies worldwide. The reasons for opening a bank account are as follows: greater privacy, low or zero taxation, and protection against local political and financial instability than that of your country of domicile. With the introduction of internet banking and internationally accepted debit cards and credit cards, banking-overseas is far easier than it used to be.

How EFSAG can assist you with opening an account

EFSAG has built up an association with both local and international banks in over 45 different jurisdictions, with our knowledge and expertise, we are in an ideal position to locate a bank in a jurisdiction that can meet with your requirements and needs.

Types of international bank accounts we can assist with

My Offshore Accounts is a specialized corporate portal that is dedicated to the opening of an international account. The main focus of the site is to provide individuals and companies with the ease and ability of opening bank accounts in worldwide financial centers. The institutions that are used to open this kind of accounts are established and well recognized international and local banks. We currently offer three main types of accounts:

Personal Bank Account – For individuals that are looking to deposit their wealth in reliable banks and financial institutions.

Corporate Bank Account – Open an account that is specialized for companies and international business purposes.

Investment bank account – Offered by banks with the primary purpose being the accruement of interest. We only select the top investment institutions for investment accounts.

EFSAG offers a wide variety of additional banking services and VIP account services. Our banking services include: assistance to open Swiss bank accounts, setup and management of Escrow bank accounts and internet merchant accounts. VIP banking services we offer include: American Express Centurion cards (AMEX Black Card or Titanium Card), Visa Infinite cards (The Visa Black Card), MasterCard World Signia, Investment accounts and specialized deposit accounts.

Why choose EFSAG

EFSAG has developed a strong reputation for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, with a one stop shop for all your needs. Our highly experienced staff are industry veterans with over 40 years experience within the banking sector. We believe that EFSAG offers the best combination of service, pricing and quality, with no hidden costs. We provide realistic and objective information about timelines, services and fees, so that you can make informed decisions about your choices.

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